Pierre Eddy Laguerre has been in pastoral ministry for the last 34 years. He has pastored many churches throughout the vast territory of the Northeastern Conference

of Seventh-Day Adventists. He started his internship under the leadership of Pastor Lamartine Honore at Hebron in Brooklyn and finalized it with Pastor Mathieu Bermingham at Maranatha in Queens. Afterwards Pastor Laguerre was called to serve as senior Pastor of the Bethanie French district comprised of Bethanie in Brooklyn and her sister church Shiloh in Stamford CT.

In Brooklyn God mightily used him to take His bereaved congregation from their burned out building to their newly purchased and renovated church and school building on Bedford Avenue. Then he journeyed to Temple Salem in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His pastorate there saw the planting of Golgotha church in West Roxbury, the organization of Ephese church in Providence, RI. and the establishment of Ben-Emmanuel church in Randolph, Mass. At Brockton Temple in the city of Brockton south of Boston, he strengthened and secured the Adventist Academy established by his predecessor, Pastor Daniel Honore, the actual president of Northeastern Conference. He was later transferred to the Philadelphie French District composed of Philadelphie itself in Malden, Shekinah in Cambridge and Canaan in Hyannis, Cape Cod.

Under his tenure there, Philadelphie was renovated and the two sister congregations were made ready for church organization. Twenty of his 34 years in ministry were spent in New England. For the last four and half years Pastor Laguerre served as pastor of Sinai Church in Spring Valley, NY and Mid -Hudson church in Poughkeepsie, NY. His vision for the expansion of God’s kingdom through evangelization, prompted the establishment of two new congregations, Goshen in Middletown, NY and the Haverstraw Mission. Over the years his ministry has been marked by a total immersion in his community thru collaboration with law enforcement agencies, social services organizations and multiple interventions on behalf of the disenfranchised, thru marches, peaceful demonstrations, speeches and negotiations with all concerned parties. For Pastor Laguerre, ministry is about connecting people with God by means of service in love and mutual respect.

His academic journey took him to Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, where he double-majored in Theology and in French along with a minor in Biblical Languages, Hebrew and Greek. The Adventist Theological Seminary granted him his Master of Divinity. His post-graduate studies took him to Massachusetts School of Law, where he spent 3 semesters before being transferred to a new district in Rhode Island. He is a Certified T-JTA Instructor, a skilled Facilitator for Prepare-Enrich Assessment and also a trained Instructor for the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts. His soon to be completed doctorate, quite overdue is in Biblical Counseling.

He is a vibrant speaker, a spirit filled and a Holy Ghost anointed revivalist. Over the years the good Lord has used him in bringing lost men and women to His ark of salvation, His church. Through the means of evangelistic crusades, weeks of prayer, Family life, Men’s Ministry, Personal Ministry and Stewardship Seminars, Pastor Laguerre unashamedly lifted the name of Christ as the sole refuge for mankind.

He is married to the former Jacqueline Brutus, a Medical School graduate, and a Psychiatric Nurse. Mrs. Laguerre is a very dedicated wife and mother and a sought after speaker in areas of Health, Women ministry and Family Life. Eddy and Jacky are the parents of three beautiful young adults: Josiane, Philippe and Jacques. Josiane works as a Registered Nurse in Nassau County. Philippe is presently a Patent Attorney licensed in New York, New Jersey and California. Jacques Eddy their last child attended Andrews and Southern Adventist Universities. Next September he heads for Oakwood University for a degree in Theology and Biology.

This year, the Laguerre’s celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. To God be all the glory!